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Throwback Thursday: Thomas & Toddling

Five years ago today we were riding the rails with Thomas!


And just two years before that, here's what went wobbling its way through our kitchen. 🙂


Of Krakens & Kites

Here are a couple of video glimpses of our fun, windblown day out at the Berkeley Kite Fest. (Click on either one to play it.) Pics to follow!

A video posted by John Nack (@jnack) on

A video posted by John Nack (@jnack) on


Port of Call: San Diego

Having previously explored the USS Hornet, Iowa, and America, the boys were eager to see what the naval hub of San Diego had to offer. They weren't in the least disappointed to scurry through not one but two submarines (the deep-diving recorder holder USS Dolphin as well as an old Soviet Foxtrot-class boat), the 100+-year-old ferry Berkeley (which helped rescue people after the San Francisco earthquake), the 19th-century Star of India (the world's oldest active sailing ship), and finally the aircraft carrier USS Midway. Check out a gallery from the day out.



Henry: 6; gift wrap: zero!

Hen BDay Anim

Our lad Henry marveling excitedly at the Birthday Lego set he has waited for!


¡Enrique Seis!

Our Henry has hit another milestone - he is officially a 6-year old! He has been so excited to turn six, and we've been stretching the celebration out over the past two weeks. Last week, at Henry's request, we took a family vacation to Legoland California as a special birthday treat. While there, we also visited San Diego's Maritime Museum and the USS Midway aircraft carrier, and the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. At long last, Henry got to celebrate yesterday with singing and vanilla cupcakes, cards and gifts from cousins, grandparents, and our beloved Coco, and of course a new Lego City construction set from us.

Feliz Cumpleanos to our youngest, but no longer little, Henry!


SD Zoo Crew, Part Deux

Having really enjoyed our 2013 visit to the San Diego Zoo, we were eager to check out the Safari Park some 30 miles north of town. Despite the 90-degree heat, the park didn't disappoint, and the boys were delighted to see lions, tigers, and goats—oh my! Here's a little gallery from the day.



Bat Men

Just a couple of mammals digging the San Diego Zoo Safari Park:





To the surprise of probably no one ever, we've had a ball exploring Legoland over the last few days. It's great that Henry is now able to ride all the big-guy rides, and like MacArthur storming back into the Philippines, he boldly reclaimed the Lazy River that literally sank him two years ago. Highlights this year included the upgraded water park (where you can build & race Chima-themed boats), the giant Lego Death Star (see below), and the 3-million-brick basement set from The Lego Movie. Check it out!

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