Armadas, Large & Small

We had a waterlogged weekend, in the best way.

Midweek we received a long-awaited package from Grandma Nack–the famous Lego cargo ship! Finn’s been overjoyed with it, naming it “The USS Dubuque Iowa.” (“Well,” he explains, “It’s kind of like the USS Iowa, and it was in Dubuque.”) Henry’s taken over the smaller Lego boats, and on Saturday he was in charge of filling up the kiddie pool (“Kitty pool?” he asked, quizzically) for some high-seas adventure.

Later in the day we decided to visit the USS Hornet, a retired aircraft carrier famous for its service in World War II and beyond (e.g. recovering astronauts returning from the moon). Unlike the Iowa, which is currently sort of a floating construction site, the Hornet is a fully finished museum ship. After some nervousness below decks (maybe due to the haunting?), the guys enjoyed scampering around the flight deck. They especially loved learning about catapults & running down the old launch tracks, pretending to burst into the air. Finn was fascinated to learn that fuel-handling crew members wear purple shirts and are dubbed “grapes.” (He insists that the green-shirted guys must also be “grapes.”) Seeing the ships moored nearby was also a treat: Finn loved seeing the cranes & hatches (“Like my Dubuque, but more massive!”), and Henry liked one ship being named the Cape Henry. Here’s a gallery of the goings-on.

[Special thanks to our friends the Sturtevants for inspiring the trip by posting about their recent visit.]

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