Happy Mothers Day!

Man oh man were the Micronaxx ever eager to bring Mom-O her first breakfast in bed! Well, to be honest, they were excited to sample the fruits of our “secret mission” to nearby Flower Flour. (Finn kept gleefully threatening to “ruin the beans” by disclosing what we were up to.) In fact, both guys were excited to the point of being train wrecks, nervous that somehow Mom-O wouldn’t share, or (in Finn’s view) that I’d get sidetracked changing Henry before escorting them upstairs (“Don’t get into the poop stuff–it’s always a big deal, and he gets upset, and blah blah blah!”). Happily, a few bites of sugary goodness restored their pluck:

My only regret is that I couldn’t find a tube of brown frosting with which to change “Mom” to the much more fitting “Mom-O.” 🙂

Afterwards we all delighted in the boys’ first boating experience–something they found especially exciting given our recent nautical exploring (more on that shortly).

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