The Little House in the Big Woods

One of my big goals for Summer 2012 was to rehab the gazebo in our backyard. Ever since we moved in 6 years ago, it’s been in great-idea-waiting-to-happen suspended animation. It’s been piled with random outdoor toys, mismatched junky outdoor furniture, and other bits and bobs. A couple weeks ago, I embarked on the Great Gazebo Rehab, with a couple of small helpers by my side. After all our hard work, the gazebo looks fantastic and is ready for many, many hours of lounging. Here’s the gallery showcasing the completed rehab!

Finny started calling the newly-refreshed structure our  “Little House in the Big Woods,” thanks to Grandma Nack’s reading of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s classic book to the boys during her last visit. Clearly Finny absorbed a lot from the story, because after “sleeping” in the house, he and Henry would wake up, put their “hunting caps” on, and hunt wolves and bears, being careful to stay close to the house and not get eaten. After a successful hunt, they were quick to offer salted bear and wolf meat to me for dinner, before hitting the sack again to rest up for another big hunting day. Our actual house is now called the “Big House in the Big Woods.”


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