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The (Baby) Iceman Cometh…

Today marks the second installment of "Finn n' Dad Batchin' It"--flying bachelor-style while Margot flies north for the day to school bank nerds on... well, whatever it is she schools bank nerds on ;-). Just now the wee man went to bed, hopefully down for the evening. (This follows much outstanding cooing, mutual face petting, and general good times.)
This morning I took the squirrel to the doc for a pair of vaccinations. I know it's insanely cliched & every parent thinks his child is a genius, but Finny seemed to know just where he was, to the point of derailing completely into nuclear-grade histrionics when I laid him on the table. After maybe 60 seconds, however (up to and including the shot), he clammed right up and remained as cool as a cucumber. The doc remarked that most kids keep screaming their heads off all the way out of the office, but Finn was a portrait in cool. I dub him The Iceman. 🙂


Tummy Time with Mom

Tummy time is a lot more fun when *everyone* is on their respective tummy! Chitchatting is easier and more engaging, and Finn's drool hits the blankie instead of mom's shirt or Finn's onesie. Here's a little gallery (HTML) of photos from this weekend. Finn was perfecting his rolling and yodeling techniques simultaneously. When he tired of that, we opted for a little standing and sitting up on mom's knees.


Finn backs the Irish & more

We've been enjoying the nice weather in the backyard with a little help from blankets made by Grandma Nack & Aunt Laura--the latter of which, shown here, features the Fighting Irish on one side and the Colorado Buffs on the other. Today Finn shows off his voracious chomping tendencies; hangs out with Dad; and goes "flying" on Mom's knees in this gallery of more backyard fun (HTML).



One perk of having tagged Finnegan as our "Squirrel" is the availability of tons of great squirrel-themed gear. This week the small guy donned a great new onesie featuring a little tree-dwelling dude playing the skins. Check it out! (I take it as a good omen that he managed to get through the day without a single change of clothes. Many days he's despoiled his duds even before his morning nap.)
We've also scored some super-jazzy Rock Squirrel memo pads, soon to be pressed into service as the Captain's Log in which we record Finn's eating/sleeping schedule.


Finn is out*STANDing* in his field

Our amigo enjoys a little popping and locking with the Old Man. Can sessions of "Dance On My Chest*" be far behind? 🙂

*Formerly played with Uncle Ted, who at 6'4" is just a bit too large for the game anymore.


Gimme Chicken!

We're spending lots of time figuring out new ways to make Finn laugh. He seems to really enjoy funny noises, whistling, and being tickled on the belly. To that end, I have been giving him some "chicken"...which comes from a former colleague of mine who would ask you to hold out your hand, at which point he'd form his fingers into a "beak" and peck at your hand while saying "bok bok bok". Since Finn can't really offer me his hand very reliably, I give him chicken on his belly and his cheeks, which are guaranteed to elicit some big smiles and laughs.


How many pictures of Finn? “Hundreds!”

Our Finn-o is starting to anticipate more and more, and this naturally leads to good fun making him wait for some "zerberts" on the belly, then delivering the goods! Today we got in some laughs in the back yard. Enjoy. 🙂


A joke, as told by Finn

Knock knock!
Who's there?
{scary-guy voice} GET IN MY MOUTH!!
Follow up:
Knock knock!
Who's there?
Get in my hands...
good, good...
{scary-guy voice} now GET IN MY MOUTH!!!

In short, getting stuff into his mouth is pretty much the singular punchline in the Finnster's life these days. He reminds me of the goat speaking in an article on The Onion: "I bet you got a nice pant leg. Lemme chew a hole in it. I could chew it until you yanked it out of my mouth. If you don't mind. I'm telling you, I could use a little something to chomp on..."


Q: What’s Finn Up To This Week?

A: Being cute! Here are a few photos from this week.
I've been trying to come up with a specific topic for this week's entry, but nothing has come to me. So the update for this week is that Finn continues to enjoy more tummy time of his own choosing, has a nice soft head of hair coming in, and loves to stand (assisted, of course) looking very proud of himself when doing so. He's also continuing to experiment with sounds. This week he's been working on his "mmmmm's" and "bbbbbb's" while rolling around chewing on things.
His daily schedule has really firmed up now, too, with a couple of 90-minute to two-hour naps (one in the morning, one after lunch), at least one stroller ride per day, and a bedtime around 7 or 7:30 P.M. He's becoming much more aware of everything around him, and is fascinated by all sights and sounds--so much so that he tends to forget he's nursing, so I have to turn the radio off so he'll stay focused! [I can't imagine where he gets it. 😉 --J.]


Storytime with Dad

In addition to taking evening walks, Margot & I really enjoy reading Finn all sorts of books. (I calculated that we've read Goodnight Moon easily 120 times by now!*) In this video I attempt to enthrall our little reader with tales of aerospace adventure. 🙂

* Each time, just to keep things fresh/be weird, I try to make a new reference to the illustrator's smoking habit--one "cured" by Photoshop! (Margot is an eye-rolling good sport.)


Rollin’, rollin’, rollin’

Finn has recently become a huge fan of being on his tummy. We always put him down to sleep on his back, and within seconds, he has rolled over onto his tummy. There he remains for his entire nap or night's sleep. Initially, we'd go in and flip him back over, but inevitably he'd roll over again within minutes, so we stopped intervening. He seems to be sleeping better, and we're all for that. Between tummy sleeping and sleep training, we have been catching a lot more zzz's as a family than we were a couple weeks ago.
Finn hasn't yet worked out how to roll himself back over to his side or his back, so it's a good thing he doesn't complain about spending all that time on his belly! We're trying to give him plenty of opportunities during playtime to figure out how to get off his stomach. He's *thisclose* and we think he'll get it figured out in a few more days.


Backyard Jamboree

With all the nice weather we've been having, we thought it was high time to introduce the Finnster to grass & What Lies Beyond the Gazebo. With the help of a nice blanket made by his Grandma Nack, the three of us cooled out in the backyard. Here you can check out the gallery (HTML)--featuring a little squirrel-fishing!


Finn n’ Mia

On our way out of Colorado, we got to catch up for brunch with our friends Erica & Zander. They're the proud parents of the lovely 2.5-month-old Mia. The milk-besotted Finn staged an episode of Slumpy Baby Theater(TM), but we still captured a cute little gallery (HTML).


Hanging with the Huewises

On Thursday evening our pals Bryan and Alex Hughes (née Lewis; thus collectively "Huewis") dropped by for a visit and dinner. They took Finn for a spin in the gazebo, much to everyone's delight. 🙂 Here are the pix (also available in HTML form).


Sleeping and Waking, and Waking…

As a new mother, I am spending a lot of time learning about babies and sleep. Sleep is critical to a baby's health and development, and I want to help Finn develop good sleep habits. When he was 2-3 months old, he spoiled us by sleeping for seven- or nine-hour stretches without a peep. As he got older and his sleep cycles changed, he started waking up more often and seemed to need our help to get back to sleep. Recently, we have found that our "help" ends up aggravating him and making it even more difficult for him to settle. After doing a lot of reading, working to set up good habits and sleep rituals over the past couple of months, and consulting with our pediatrician, John and I have agreed to try the "progressive waiting" technique developed by Dr. Richard Ferber, to help Finn learn to go to sleep and fall back asleep on his own.
We know that everyone will not agree with this approach. Sleep training techniques are very polarizing, and Ferber's technique is often referred to as "crying it out", making it sound like heartless, cruel, and unusual punishment. Now, having read his book and talked to our doc, and taking into account Finn's personality and tendencies, we feel that this method will work well, and is the most efficient way for Finn to learn to settle himself. In a nutshell, you want your baby to learn to put himself to sleep without relying on sleep crutches like rocking, patting, shooshing, etc., which we think are helpful things, but actually aren't (as evidenced by Finn ratcheting up the crying and wakefulness when we show up).
Ferber's technique is a structured way to let your baby learn how to do this on his own with a minimum of interference from us. We go in and briefly check on/reassure him at prescribed intervals until he falls asleep on his own. And according to our doc, the earlier you can teach your baby how to take care of himself, the less likely it is they will have sleep problems as they get older (and which are harder to resolve as they age).
We're on night #2, and so far, Finn is doing really well. Last night we checked on him twice, and right after that, he fell asleep. A grand total of about 40 minutes spent on "Ferberizing." He awoke at 11:30pm and we did the intervals again, and he only needed one check. Tonight, we put him to bed and only checked on him once after 12 minutes, then he put himself to sleep. We're also doing this at naptime and he's making progress there, too. We were already 75% of the way there since we'd already set up a predictable bedtime routine, and had started putting Finn in the crib while he was awake, and then sticking around and soothing him to sleep.
We love our little guy, and we know he's smart enough and capable enough to learn to soothe himself, and so far he's proving us right on all counts. Good sleep habits are good for the whole family, and a well-rested Finn makes everyone happy.


Finn’s 4-Month Stats

In today's installment, our hero visited the doc for his four-month checkup. Finn weighed in at sixteen and one-half pounds, and twenty-five inches long. We also discovered that he's got an emerging companion to the tooth that broke through last week, so we can expect more teething activity!
Finn rocked the doctor visit like a total champ: calm and cool the whole time, with only 2 seconds of crying when he got his vaccinations. We were instructed to keep up the tummy time so our guy can continue to strengthen his back and arms, which will lead to eventually sitting up on his own. We also found out we can use sunscreen on him (whew!) to protect his fair skin when we take him outside. The sun hat and stroller canopy only do so much!
Finn's noticeably more tuned in to people's voices, and turns his head to watch and listen to you while you talk. He'll even stop crying to listen! We're still working on the "hey, why don't you stop crying and sleep?" milestone.


Rocky Mountain “Jeeps”

Young Mr. Finn had a great time in Leadville with his grandparents (a.k.a. "GPs," a.k.a. "Jeeps"). My mom brought In Grandma's Arms, a book the two of them read together several times & that Margot's mom read to Charlie. Here you can see a gallery (HTML) of some of the good times.


One Tall Baby

Q. "Hey, Finn, what are you up to these days?"
A. "Oh, about 2-foot-one..." 😉