Q: What’s Finn Up To This Week?

A: Being cute! Here are a few photos from this week.
I’ve been trying to come up with a specific topic for this week’s entry, but nothing has come to me. So the update for this week is that Finn continues to enjoy more tummy time of his own choosing, has a nice soft head of hair coming in, and loves to stand (assisted, of course) looking very proud of himself when doing so. He’s also continuing to experiment with sounds. This week he’s been working on his “mmmmm’s” and “bbbbbb’s” while rolling around chewing on things.
His daily schedule has really firmed up now, too, with a couple of 90-minute to two-hour naps (one in the morning, one after lunch), at least one stroller ride per day, and a bedtime around 7 or 7:30 P.M. He’s becoming much more aware of everything around him, and is fascinated by all sights and sounds–so much so that he tends to forget he’s nursing, so I have to turn the radio off so he’ll stay focused! [I can’t imagine where he gets it. 😉 –J.]

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