Transient Witticisms

Transient Witticisms: Music Edition

  • Classic Rock:
    • “Dad-O, I think Van Halen lives in a Led Zeppelin!”
    • “Henry and I are Steppenwolfs. We’re steppin’ all over!”
  • Paul Simon:
    • Finn explains his pile of stuffed animals: “I’m making them my bodyguards & pals.” (And yes, he’s now calling me Betty, and I call him Al.)
    • “Dad-O, I love that Paul Simon song, ‘Diii-nos on a skateboard, Diii-nos on a skateboard, With nothing to lose.'” (He’s singing “Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes.”)
  • Johnny Cash:
    • I hear Finn singing Johnny Cash to his Legos: “I shot a man named Guido, Just to watch him dieā€¦”
    • What’s a terrific 7am wake-up? A yellow lion blankie poking its head around our doorway & growl-singing “Folsom Prison Blues.” (“RAwr! I hear that train a-comin’…”)
    • Our sugar-addled boys are tearing around the hardware store’s garden section yelling “My name is SUE, how do you DO?? Now you gonna DIE!!
    • Finn’s loving Johnny Cash: “I’m building a car out of ice cream in my tummy, One Piece At A Time! (Can you tweet that?)”
    • I tried hipping the boys to OutKast’s frenetic song “Hey Ya.” Finn: “These guys are berserkers!” Henry: “Yeah, give us Johnny Cash!”

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