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Our Son, The Meme

A couple of years back, a little dude (seen at right) became Internet-famous as "Success Kid." This is what's called a meme (I'll note for my parents' benefit :-)), an image or idea that people pick up & riff upon.

It seems that Henry's born to be a meme—maybe as Success Kid's grumpier cousin, Distress Kid. The latest entry in his infamous "Haircuts" series...

...caught the imagination of some of my Facebook friends. Now he's been compared to the Italian enforcer Luca Brasi...

...transformed into The Man With No Name...

...a French tragic hero...


...and even an 80's rock star. 🙂

Special thanks to Michael, Karl, Foster, and Chris for the fun Photoshoppery!

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  1. Bound to be a treasured classic.

  2. These are hilarious. Your friends do great work!

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