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Happy Haircut Henry

Yesterday all the Nack boys big and small took a trip to “Tom the Barber” for haircuts. It was Henry’s first trim, and he dealt pretty well with all the strange new sensations while sitting in Dad-o’s lap. Finn was an old pro, seeming very relaxed and self-assured as Tom gave his locks a much-needed chippity-chop. Here is a fun little gallery of the proceedings. Dad-o was the last to go, and since Tom had to run his kid’s baseball glove to him at Little League, Dad-o got trimmed up by Tom’s brother while Mom-o and the guys headed home for some lunch.

All three dudes look neat, clean, and handsome as ever. We even got a little “First Haircut” certificate and keepsake lock of Henry’s hair to take with us.

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It’s funny, but I actually feel like I know Tom the Barber from his repeat appearances on the blog. 🙂

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