Finno the Minnow

Well, maybe not a minnow…Today was Finn’s first swim lesson, and he’s in the youngest age group, the Polliwogs. I had a feeling Finn would enjoy being in the pool since he likes the bath so much, and he sure did. John was on pool-buddy duty since I need to scare up a maternity suit, and both my guys had a lot of fun. Finn got to try out floating, kicking, paddling with arms, and getting swooped around in different directions in the water. Here’s a little gallery (HTML) of pics from our afternoon.
There were about 5 other kid/parent combos in the class and all the tots really seemed to be enjoying themselves. Of course, there were at least 5 parents (and maybe some grandparents) with me on the sidelines, taking videos and pictures. We were all bowled over by the high degree of cuteness emanating from the pool 😀

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