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Happy Thanksgiving!

My folks, aka “The Geeps” (a permutation of “GP”s for grandparents), are in town for a long Thanksgiving weekend visit. They’ve only been here a little over a day, and the boys are having a total ball with them. They’re sleeping on the “hideout bed” in the TV room, which Finny loves to prepare at the end of the day (inflating the air mattress is involved).

Grandpa and Dad-o took the boys to the park today – Finny showcasing his bike riding and Henry his Big Wheel riding. We also did a little craft project, making felt ornaments as we waited for the turkey to cook. And both my parents are excellent at reading stories, so the boys conscripted them into covering almost the entire Curious George canon, along with several other tales.

They rounded out today with pumpkin pie, some horseplay with Grandpa, and a two-man Dad-o and Grandpa version of TALB tonight, which involved a pilgrim, a lion, and a turkey. Let’s just say things didn’t look good for the turkey. Here’s a little gallery of events.

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