Baby Argot

It may not surprise you to find out that John and I have created lots of baby-related slang lately. Here are a few of the most-used:

  • diaper burrito: the hermetically sealed plastic sack of diapers from the Diaper Genie II
  • baby burrito: a tightly swaddled Finn
  • cochecito: stroller (thanks to Adolfo and Romina from Argentina for this one!)
  • cachetes guapos: literally “handsome cheeks” in Spanish, also from Adolfo & Romina
  • Dipe/di-a-per: diaper. John likes to over-articluate, & I like to shorten words
  • a trip to the lecheria: nursing
  • snoozando: sleeping Finn (-ando being the equivalent of “ing” in Spanish)

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