Morning Constitutional

Our little hombre is able to get more and more specific about what he likes/dislikes, and what he would prefer to be doing at any given time. He’s taken to grabbing my (or John’s) hand and leading us around while providing other clues about what he’d like.
For instance, this morning after breakfast we were playing in Finn’s room, and he started saying “Hat! Hat!”. He took my hand, led me to the kitchen, and pointed to the basket where we keep our sunhats (a requirement for going outside these days). Then he pointed to the back door. We put our hats on, but since I was still in my PJs, we went upstairs so I could put some clothes on. Believe me, at this point in my pregnancy, walking around outside in my PJs is not something any of the neighbors need to see…
We then went outside and did the usual rounds–a stop off at Richard’s fountain for some splashing and gato viewing, then a walk up and down the block to explore fence gates, ants, and plants. Thank goodness he didn’t poop out until 2 houses away from home, at which point he turned to me, raised his arms and said “UP!”. Once inside, he started saying “mo mos, mo mos!” (code for pretzel bits with cream cheese…he loves them and just says “more more more!”). So we were off to the kitchen for a few pre-nap mo mos. I’m sure he would have been content sitting there stuffing his face for an hour, but Leo was getting sleepy, so I packed them both off to the crib for a rest.
Once he’s up from his nap, I will await further instruction 🙂

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So, darling! I love reading about the adventures you have together. And I love knowing that there are so many more to come. 🙂
We do have some good fun, and we can’t wait to double up once the new guy arrives on the scene! -M.O.M.

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