Boo Bird!

Lately the Finn-man has gotten waaay into playing hide and seek with us. Well, it’s a very simple form of the game: he takes one of us firmly by the hand, leads us to a spot, and then deposits us there, sometimes commanding “Down!” From there he’s off to the races, disappearing around a corner or the end of the car, only to come back moment later and shout “Boo!”
I find his commitment to the craft hilarious. He’s very clear about walking me to the end of the car in particular, then dropping me off–and getting a little miffed if I stray from my post! I mean, does Dad think this is child’s play or what??
Naturally photos are hard to come by during the goings-on, but I managed to snap a handful with my phone during a weekend garage session. Here they are (HTML).

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