“Ecce Ollie”: Behold the Owl-Buddy

The owl has landed!
Inspired by the great success we’ve had with Finn’s “lovie” Leo, Margot got Henry one of Leo’s stablemates, a little owl* we’ve dubbed Ollie. The friendly strigiforme is already well-slobbered, both by Henry & by Finn’s “(s)mooching.” Zipping Ollie into Mom-O’s jacket, then extracting him and saying, “Hi, owl-buddy!” is a particular hit.
Here’s a little gallery (HTML) in which you can see the goings-on, as well as Finn’s antics with raccoon-buddy Duke. Duke likes to say (in Finn’s words) “‘ow’sitgoing!,” then crawl down the big guy’s shirt. “Tummy full of Duke!!,” shouts the delighted boy. 🙂
*Aesthetic/unhygienic bonus: Ollie is brown, the better to hide the disgusting impact of living in a lad’s mouth. We’ve learned from Leo!

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