Countdown to Muffin! (No Bluffin’)

There’s no telling what hilarity is going to ensue when Finny starts chatting with us over dinner. Tonight he was enjoying a bowl of oatmeal with chopped dried apricots (quickly dubbed “oopricoots” by our little guy) when he spied me grabbing a miniature brownie from a package on the counter. Ever vigilant, he asked me what I was eating. Instead of trying to wade through the details of describing a miniature brownie, I simply called it a “muffin.”

Seeing that the “muffin” in question was chocolate, Finny declared “All done with dinner! Finny would like a muffin!” I told him he needed to finish his oatmeal and oopricoots, and then we’d talk about having some muffin. He wasn’t really going for it, so I suggested that we count 10 more bites of oatmeal, and if he ate all ten, then he could have the muffin. For laughs, I told him we’d count backwards, from 10 down to one.

Following is a dramatic retelling of the countdown.

M: “Ok, big lion-bite! that’s 10”

F: “Now muffin!”

M: “Well, not yet, we have 9 more bites to go. Nine! Way to go!”

F: “Uh-huh, muffin.”

M: “We’re still doing oatmeal. Eight! Seven!”

F: “Now muffin!”

M: “Not yet, six more bites. Six!”

F: “All done with oatmeal! Muffin!”

M: “Okay, what number comes before six?”

F: “Muffin!”

M: “Five…then what’s next? Not three but…”

F: “Muffin!”

M: “Well I was shooting for ‘4’, but now we’re at three. Three more..”

F: “Finny want that muffin!”

He made his way valiantly to the last bite, at which point he was richly rewarded with the muffin. It disappeared into his boca with nary a crumb remaining!

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Laughin’ out loud with my feet on the coffee table. I’m sure Finny will be driving the next time I see him.

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