Comic Gold

The onslaught of verbal creativity at the Nack house continues to pick up steam! Both boys’ abilities and imaginations are really blooming this spring.

Henry has started to truly enjoy being read to, and has abandoned his old practice of bailing out halfway through a book (or even a page). Most of the time he hangs in there for the entire story, although periodically he’ll grab the book and try to shut it with a pre-emptory “The End!” His top two book requests are: “Moo! Moo! Brown!” (Seuss’s Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You?), and “Seaside?!” (Calling All Engines, a Thomas book that includes references to the seaside). Henry’s also starting to string together phrases, and every day adds at least one or two to his repetoire, which includes “Hello…Finny!”, “Mom-o’s yogurt”, “Dad-o hold you?”, “Bye bye doggie!”, “Come on, Finnster!”, and “…like it!” (which actually means “I don’t like it.” A favorite at meal times.)

For his part, Finny keeps cranking out comic gold. After climbing up a little climbing wall and sliding down its adjacent slide, Finny declared “Now I’m really a rockstar!” At snack time yesterday, he dutifully noted “I’m really wolfing down these nuts!” He has started calling his brother Henremius (apparently the ancient Roman version of Henry), and has dubbed the little Android-branded robot toy, pictured above, “The Italian.” Not to mention his ongoing fascination with pirates and their names. He is Blackbeard, so he’s appropriately dubbed me “Curlybeard.” At bathtime, the whole family becomes a horde of Bubblebeards! And apparently his new method of grooming involves “polishing” himself with “slop” (aka spit). He is also quite opinionated these days…After being assured that John’s drink at Aqui was juice & not a margarita, he smiled & opined “I think it’s a margarita.”

I swear, we don’t make this stuff up! It’s straight from the birdmens’ mouths!

[One other fun bit: Finn’s taken to narrating his life using language from stories. Once he’s adopted a persona (e.g. Thomas, Lightning McQueen), he might say a sentence normally, then add, “…tooted Thomas,” “…bellowed Lightning,” etc. –J.]

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LOL that is great. I can’t wait for that to happen with Blake. Right now we’re ecstatic that he says “Happy” and sometimes “Happy baby”, but its said in such a way that only a parent would know. Slowly his ability to speak is getting there and of course it sounds cute. Of course I also fear the infamous “No!” so I’m trying to get him to say “Yes” when I’m not reinforcing “Daddy” (di-di) or “Go”. Ditto great stuff about the 3rd person narration.

Any reading on a tablet computer with your guys? Last week we had to hide the iPad as Blake was getting way too possessive over it and wanting to always play with his toddler apps and watch movies.

[Heh–I know the feeling. We like “The Monster at the End of the Book” plus “Harold and the Purple Crayon.” I’m really hoping they get more into drawing + Toontastic, but even Finn remains a bit young. Any suggestions you guys have would be welcome! –J.]

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