A perfect day

Downside: Our sewer pipe went haywire, necessitating some expensive driveway surgery (“Double Double, Toilet Trouble!” as Finn declared).

Upside: The boys got a bay window seat to jackhammering plus a garbage truck PLUS a scooper truck! Great morning for tots, or the GREATEST morning?? 🙂

Ever since, the boys have been playing “busy workers” as Henry says. “I’m Adam!” the little guy proclaims, while Finn adds, “I’m Uncle Louie!” (I enjoy imagining my own Uncle Louie being their jackhammering hero.)

One reply on “A perfect day”

Was the scooper truck a back hoe or a skid steer? (Mal wants to know)
We are getting ready for some machinery around here to when we pour concrete for a driveway. Every time a contractor comes to talk about it, Mal asks him where the cement truck is.

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