Patrick Number Nein

Oddly enough, both Margot & work with German dudes named Patrick, and we’ve had them over for dinner during recent visits. Finn (logically enough, I suppose) asked, “Is our cousin Patrick a German?” This made me devise a little back-and-forth that delights Finn to no end:

  • Finn (character): “Patrick, are you a German?”
  • Patrick (in cartoonishly thick, Col. Klink accent): “Nooo, I am not! Nein nein nein!”
  • Finn, in disbelief: “W-wait, you said ‘nein’; you are German!”
  • Patrick: “Nooo, I am American! Moin moin!”
  • Finn: “Wait, you said ‘moin,’ too! You’re German!!”
  • Patrick: “Nooo! I ride with Auntie Laura in an Abschleppwagen.”
  • Finn: “What?? Auntie Laura drives a mouse van [minivan], not an abschleppwagen–you crazy German!”

…and so on. 🙂

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