Postin’ from the Pool

Not content (finally!) just to sit & watch YouTube, both of the dudes are becoming rather avid creators. The last few nights have seen the lads filming up a storm with Henry D. & his sister Sadie (stay tuned for that horse-mask-clad craziness 😌), and meanwhile Hen has turned from posting about trains & currency (see previous) to posting from the pool in Cabo. (His mortification at the sound of his own voice reminds me of when I got a tape recorder at age 5 or so from my Aunt Dolores. I told him that we all hate our voices. 🤷‍♂️)

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I love you. I absolutely adore everything about this blog, im especially a fan of your “Man table” post, where you have attached, an image of your child Finn merged with a table. Ive been following this amazing blog for almost a year now, and each day i find something to enjoy with it. Your first child Finn is my favorite; however Henry is a close second. I think its amazing how you have been fairly active on this sense 2008. Some of my favorite posts are the ones from the beginning that really set the mood of the rest of this artwork. I think the gif of your kids dabbing are the greatest thing in the world, just below man table. Im not sure if you know what i am referring to when i say Man Table, but I hope so because it has become apart of my everyday life. This image you created of your first born, heir to the throne attached to a table wearing crocs is currently my background for many device alike. Along with that I have countless copies of it on the gallery of my iPad. Actually i take that back i have around 10,000 copies. I have to delete apps from the iPad to accommodate for the storage your child takes up. I wish you do not take this obsession i have with this as a malice intent. I am a High School student and found your blog my Sophomore year. For the record, i am extremely proud of you John, your induction into the Photoshop hall of fame is absolutely wonderful and fills me with joy. My favorite past time to do in class is to learn more about your fascinating, successful life. I hope you continue this adventure in life with your family.
Sweat Dreams.

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