Bombin’ Around Cali

“Life’s as big as you make it,” we always say, and I credit Finn with shaking off his hermit-y ways & pushing us to get out and about this past weekend. Off we went to camp in the middle of nowhere (“Well, it’s not the middle of nowhere,” observed Hen, “but you can see it from here”) on Saturday night.

The next day we horked down the world’s most satisfying breakfast at local diner Huckleberry’s, then drove to Castle Air Museum—a former Air Force base that’s now home to an immense B-36 bomber & dozens of other historic aircraft.

Seamus chilled in the shade of an immense deactivated H-bomb while everyone else endured my nonstop stream of aviation ephemera. 😛 (“Every rivet has a story, all of which I will tell you right now…”)

Check out a little (er, actually rather immense) gallery from the day—mostly courtesy of photog Henry.

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