The Need for Speed 🛫

One recent pleasure of the boys growing up is that we can get onto the same wavelength about various nerdy pursuits. For Finn & me it’s been Kurt Vonnegut, while Hen & I have focused on all things historical—particularly cars & planes.

With the latter in mind, Henry & I headed up to Hiller Aviation Museum to hear a talk by Brian Shul, one of just 90 men ever to fly the Mach 3 SR-71 Blackbird aircraft & an accomplished photographer to boot. We quite enjoyed his presentation, as well as our walk around the museum afterwards.

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Touch-sensitive Hen got way into exploring all the clicky buttons & knobs in the old 747 cockpit.

Check out our little gallery from the day.

Bonus: Here’s how the lads & I looked in the same cockpit 10+ years ago! In 2014 we returned to see a pumpkin dropped from a helicopter (video, gallery).

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