Headlines from the Nack Picayune

  • Cave System Discovered In Mom & Dad’s Bed; Spelunking Missions Planned (“KindaDEEP!”)
  • Driveway Closed 3pm-3:14pm For Dirt-Blasting
  • Choco Overwhelms Area Toddler’s Boca
  • “Gato MooGeek” Still Tops Music Charts
  • Leonine Blankie Retains “Most Favored Buddy” Status; Duke The Raccoon Strong #2
  • Wiggle-Smile Index Skyrockets on Local Playmat
  • “Boogie-Sucker” Deployed To Area Infant’s Nose
  • “Nut-Byyuck” Assails Driveway
  • Mom Invests Heavily in Oxy-Clean Corp., Citing Childrens’ Future

Stay tuned for word from the Delmas Nack-Intelligencer 😉

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