“Hey Mike!”

Our neighbor Richard is kind of a folk hero to Finn–big, barrel-chested, and always operating some kind of cool vehicle (Corvette, vintage Beetle, old truck, Lexus, etc.) or implement (weed whacker, hose, pickaxe, etc.). His gato-poop-blasting technique is a particular hit & explains why Finn would look at the sprayer in the tub and exclaim “Poop!”
Lately Finn has been taken with watching Richard push leaves with his leaf blower, and he now loves to grab tubes of all sort and go “WHEEoooWHEEoooWHEEooo… leaf blowa!” As it happens, despite our having lived here for nearly three years, it’s only in the last couple of weeks that Richard has learned my name. Prior to that he’d guess things like “Mike.” Therefore Finn’s imitation sounds like, “WHEEoooWHEEooo… Hey Mike, Hey Mike!” ;-D
Here’s a tiny gallery (HTML) of our tube-wielding amigo.

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