Hoot’s Dipe

Margot and Finn were chatting at lunch the other day (“a real conversation as he’s now starting to master verbs,” she says) when the subject of Hoot (Hughes) came up. She writes:

We were talking about Hoot, and pickles (of course), and then Finn launches into his standard routine of “is the buckle poopy?” Anyway, the “buckle poopy?” bit morphed into my asking, “Who wears dipes?”
M: “Does Finny wear dipes?”
F: “Uh huh”
M: “Does Goonie wear dipes?”
F: “Uh huh”
M: “Does Dad-O wear dipes?”
F: “No!” (smiling) “Grown-up!”
M: “Does Milos wear dipes?”
F: “Uh huh”
and then
F: “Hoot…dipe!!!”
M: “Does Hoot wear dipes?”
F: “Uh huh!!” (big smile)
Sorry Hoot…the cat’s outta the bag 😀

In other dipe-related news (you were dying for more, weren’t you?), Finn has now dubbed Henry’s new little Op-Art waste-catchers “PolkaDIPE!”

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