Spooky Times!

Recently Mom-O introduced Finny to a flashlight, and boy, you’d think it was Obi-Wan Kenobi giving Luke a new lightsaber: that kid was off to the races! A whole new “KindaDEEP” was born, and soon we were having fun putting the light under our chins and saying “Spooky Dad-O! Spooky Binny!!”
Pretty soon we were doing “Spooky Leo,” and then Finn jabbed the flashlight into my throat and said, “(s)pooky neck!” From there it was game on, with Finn marching around and labeling everything the light touched as “‘pooky!” (“‘pooky ceiling! ‘pooky floor! ‘pooky baño!”) When I asked about “Spooky Goonie,” he smiled and said, “Nooo… too tiny!”
Here’s a little gallery (HTML) of our luminous antics. Oh, and by the way, a little “PigCup” makes an awesome saber-enhancer!

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