Men in Trees

Sometimes with kids, a friend once told me, “The days are long by the years are short.” Last Monday, though, I think Finn & would’ve been content to spend all night watching a team of tree trimmers ply their trade among some nearby telephone wires. It was a beautiful spring evening, and having passed the crew on my way home, I rushed in to tell Finn the news. He wolfed down the remains of his dinner, and we spent the next hour or so watching & narrating the proceedings: “That truck have little feet… What that dude in the cherry picker doing?… Dude got a leaf blower!”… and so on, Finn said, taking little breaks to “help” scoop up woodchips using dual spatulas.

I kept hearing Lou Reed’s “Perfect Day” playing in my head. The only thing better would be to have Henry and Margot along for the ride, though I think it’ll be a bit before the little guy can handle the roar of a wood chipper. 🙂

[Click for a larger image.]

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