Steeb & Steebie

It’s getting really fun to see and hear Finn string concepts & words together. Lately he’s been enjoying watching our neighbor Steve building a treehouse for his boys in their back yard.
Finn narrates the goings-on in staccato bursts: “Steeb! Saw! *Cut*!” He got a little confused when I tried to explain that Steve is a daddy, too: Finn started patting my chest, reassuring me (and himself) by saying “Dad-o!” (In fact, we get into a nice little call & response flow, with me patting his chest and saying “Finny,” and him replying with some pats on “Dad-o.”)
There’s also been some confusion with Stevie, the blind and moronic dog that lives over our other neighbors’ fence. Stevie howls when we enter our back yard, giving Finn a chance to do his killer coyote impression. Things get funny when Finn confuses the two names: “Steebie! T(r)eehouse!” and “Steeb! Yawwowooo!” I enjoy the image of grown man Steve & blind dog Stevie howling & operating power tools together.

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