Fantastic Four (Months)

Our little Henry turns four months old today! His birth feels at once like it was yesterday and a thousand years ago. (Ah, back then Finn & I would spend all morning exploring the “antenna truck.”) The little guy is tracking our movements like crazy, locking his legs for some “Proud Stander,” and grasping onto things like it’s his job. (I know: yesterday he locked onto both sets of my crow’s feet, digging in & trying to pull my nose into his mouth!)
Meanwhile big bro Finn is becoming even more of a character. Eating his weight in green beans tonight, he eyed one with a long stem and said, “Macaw! Eat the beak! Come *heeeere*, Macaw!! (haaup!).”
Despite Finn’s new penchant for inspecting things with a tape measure (“Dad-O’s leg, 30 pounds!”), we don’t know Henry’s stats yet. We’ll get the full 411 on Thursday when Margot takes him to the doc. (Eyeballing it, we can say that a standing Hen comes up to roughly Finn’s shoulder line, and that Finn is perhaps 35″ tall.)

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