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Christmas 2010: Joy to the Squirrels

Merry Christmas, everyone! We’re chilling (literally, the rare times we venture outside) with Margot’s folks. Both guys were brilliant travelers (note to self: leg-stretching layovers are kind of a great thing), and as you’d imagine we all had a ball opening presents today. I especially enjoyed an early morning exchange with Finn:

“Do you have to go to work today, Dad-O?”
“Nope, I’m hanging out with you guys!”
“Oh NO!!”

Ah, what beats unconditional appreciation from one’s child? 😉 Being kind of zonked, I’ll keep things brief and will just share our photos from the day (HTML). More to come, I’m sure, as our adventure continues.


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Best wishes and Merry Christmas to you, your wife and 2 beautiful boys. After having had 3 boys and 2 girls awhile ago the images of yours bring back as many memories as the pictures of my own.
Enjoy your time with them.

Clay White

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