Rolling with it…

Finn’s had an interesting week. I think his two front teeth are about to make their big entrance, and it’s really thrown little Finno for a loop. I also think he’s got a lot going on mentally and physically as he’s sitting up all the time, and his dexterity keeps improving. There’s so much to learn how to do! (And it is with much glee that I tell you he seems to be favoring his left hand!)
Because of all this new and sometimes painful stuff, he’s been uncharacteristically fussy during the day. Nothing keeps him satisfied for long, and as we switch him from one location to the next, or try to distract him with toys, he squirms and cries and makes really strange expressions with his mouth. Although he’s been sleeping pretty well at night (thank goodness!!) his naps this week have been either very short or nonexistent, which does not help with his attitude. An overtired, teething Finn is not much fun to be around.
I think the good news here is that John and I are really relaxing into being parents, and we’re feeling a lot more competent and pragmatic when Finn is inconsolable, uncomfortable, or just won’t sleep. I guess we’ve hit the point of realizing that stuff is going to happen, you can’t plan for it, and you can’t always make it better or know how it’ll turn out, so you just do the best you can and try to keep your little guy cooled out (if possible). The phrase “this too shall pass” keeps popping up in my head–made very real by experiences with Finn that while unpleasant or unpredictable, do actually end at some point.
6 month check-up on Tuesday! We’ll report Finn’s stats. Any guesses on weight? (I’m saying 19lbs. Dude is HEAVY!)

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