Goodbye Baby, Hello Tot!

Well, we’re officially declaring an end to Finn’s infant stage. He’s moved very comfortably into being a tot. What’s the difference? Well, according to our unscientific poll (respondents include me, John, and our babysitter, Carol), there are some significant achievements that catapult a baby into tot-hood. The biggies include rolling from front to back and back to front, deliberate reaching, grabbing, and object manipulation, laughing, eating baby food, having teeth (#3 just appeared yesterday!), sitting up, and the ability to self-entertain.
Another thing that we think marks totdom is the fact that we are able to communicate with Finn and he with us. No, we’re not discussing Nietzsche, but we are able to tell when he wants things, when he’s happy, tired, or working on some new skills. Speaking of which, John is helping him “walk” towards me right now!

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