Scorn & Quash the Corn n’ Squash

Goofballs that we are, we keep coming up with tons of new argot for all things Finn-related. Sometimes exhaustion has something to do with it, too, as in the case of “Scorn and Quash.” That’s what happens to Gerber Corn and Squash baby food when it’s being offered by Zombie-mom to little Finno.
Here are a few other terms we’ve coined:

  • Bug-Eyed Larry: What Finn becomes when moving from the brightly lit kitchen to his more dimly lit bedroom after bath time. His eyes become saucer-sized!
  • Dipetorium: The changing table
  • Eye-rubba: (or “I, Rubba”) what a verrrry tired FInn does when he’s ready to go down for a nap or down for the night
  • Hooteling: Finn’s happy sounds, in the crib, on the play mat, while in the stroller. A series of slightly falsetto hooting/cooing sounds
  • Dr. Drey: As you know, we call Finn the Squirrel. A squirrel’s nest (Finn’s crib) is a drey. John’s love of old-school rap morphed our Squirrel into Dr. Drey!
  • Smear the Mirror: The game we play when Finn reaches for his reflection. [Time to invest in more Windex. –J.]

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