Secret (Toothy) Squirrel

Finn is turning into one toothy fella! In the past week or so, several of his upper teeth have emerged–both his two front teeth and his two top incisors. I was so focused on waiting for them to appear that I totally missed the lower incisor that was coming in at the same time. Then when I caught a glimpse of his open maw (waiting for cereal and peas, no doubt), there it was, the Secret Tooth!
All those choppers, even though they’ve not fully dropped into position, are really changing the look of our little guy’s face. He looks more like a little boy and less like a little baby each day. We were out visiting with our neighbors this afternoon and our friend Karen absolutely could not resist doing the “Grandma cheek pinch” on our squirrel. Sorry Finno, but I think you’re doomed to a lifetime of people coming at you with fingers ready to pinch that adorable face!

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