Wagons Ho!

Our little cowpoke’s spurs have been jinglin’ and janglin’. This week has been all about walking, walking, and more walking. Carol (our nanny) and I have been doing Squirrel relays with Finn walking back and forth between us independently–up to 15 or 20 steps at a time!
He’s also been pushing his little walking Radio Flyer wagon around the dining room and kitchen. He lapped the kitchen several times this afternoon while I made cookies and tried to avoid getting traumatic ankle injuries from the wagon. The wagon is great because it gives Finno something stable to hang onto, but enables him to walk around on his own–a real blessing to our lower backs. This means fewer wipeouts as Finn toddles around the house–always a good thing.
He’ll be motoring around 100% independently any day now, so it’s a good thing we’ve got all the baby gates up in advance!
[Click the image above for a larger version. –J. (the Photoshopper-in-Chief) ] Update: Thanks to Mark Beckelman for a little P-shop assist.

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