What Happens In Vegas…

Oh, how I wish what happens in Vegas would stay in Vegas! We 3 Nacks had a good time seeing our pals Adolfo, Romina, and Brunito, but man we were fighting some tough circumstances during our stay.
Wandering around in the Las Vegas heat while 7 months pregnant with a raging head cold is, well, not ideal. What I thought was just allergies is actually a nasty cold (which John also got during our stay), which I am *still* getting over and which has now passed itself to Finny. Trying to keep a little guy fed, entertained, and not-too-sleep-deprived is a tough order when all you *really* want to do is blow your nose and rest in a dark room.
And then Finny had his own sleep issues…he was so *not* interested in the crib we requisitioned from the hotel. He slept there one time (because he was probably too pooped to complain much) but the rest of the time it was in the bed with mom and dad and their stuffy heads. Naps, nighttime sleep, all of it. And waking up when you’d leave the bed to go to the bathroom or get a drink. Yeesh.
Now that we’re back he’s struggling to readjust to sleeping and napping in his own crib. Yesterday afternoon and last night were not too bad but this morning’s nap went nuclear for about 45 minutes until he just plain pooped himself out. I tried staying in his room and patting him but that didn’t seem to help at all…and leaving him on his own had the same effect (more crying). Finally he gave up the fight, and hopefully this afternoon’s nap will go a little smoother. I think replacing his rancid, dirty “Leo” with a clean one threw him off his game, too, but I worry his mouth’ll rot out if he keeps sucking on something that smells like a hamper full of dirty socks!

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From our hotel room in NYC, we three just wanted to say that we had a terrific time with you guys and we’re sorry to see that you got such an awful cold (and that the Wynn’s crib didn’t have the magic capabilities one would expect given the conditions under which it was provided!).

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