Kidney Update

Our visit to Dr. S. on Tuesday resulted in some positive news. All is well with our little guy overall. Dr. S. thinks that the hydronephrosis (fluid on the kidney) issue is mild enough that it will most likely resolve itself in the next several months.
While the pediatrician at the hospital felt that further testing would be necessary (involving catheters and radioactive dye–yeesh!), Dr. S. thinks that is too much to pursue given the small degree of fluid shown in the ultrasound we had at the hospital. Her recommendation is to continue the antibiotic dose as a preventive measure, and do another ultrasound at 6 months to see how he’s doing.
We are to be alert for any high fevers, as they might indicate a kidney or urinary tract infection. Knowing that, we’ll be super conservative if/when he gets a fever, and get him checked out accordingly. The best news is that we don’t have to subject our tiny guy to a bunch of unpleasant procedures that would likely result in no further action from the doctor.

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