Conversations With Finn

Dad and Finn like to recap the events of the day, or even the events of many days ago. One of Finn’s favorite conversations, from about 2 weeks ago, follows. “The ladies” are the housecleaners, who remain guilty as charged for throwing away Finn’s favorite paper towel tube:

F: “La-dees!”
J: “Oh yeah, did the ladies throw away our tube?”
F: “Darn-eet!”
J: “But then did someone bring us a new one?”
F: “CoCo!”
J: “And now what do we do?”
F: “I like to moo-bat moo-bat… Keeck it now, keeds!”
…and subtle variations on that theme. 🙂
The paper tubes we rescued from our neighbor Long’s garbage cans are a favorite topic (“Broken! Cut! No Pat No!”), as is the shopping cart that fell off the park maintenance truck (“Dump!!”), the cherry-picker baskets on the cable trucks parked outside on the street (“Up up!”), and Hoot and pickles for lunch (“Hoot! Peecoles! Monday!”).

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