A New Fuzzy Buddy Joins the Fold

The Nack family has welcomed a new Buddy in Blanketude! Our little Henry has finally bonded with his own little soft blankie buddy. As you know, Finn latched onto Leo, his little buddy, at about 7 or 8 months old. Henry never needed a pacifier or any kind of soothing tools to get to sleep–he found his thumb very early on and just pacified himself. Lately, though, Henry’s been protesting quite a bit when we lay him down in the crib–like he doesn’t want to be left alone (although he makes it clear he does not want to be held!).

Luckily for us, back when Henry was brand new, I preemptively picked up a trio of little owl blankies made by the same folks that created our beloved Leo(s). I decided to try offering one, dubbed “Ollie” by Dad-o, to Henry last week when he was starting to get upset about being put in the crib. Boy oh boy did that do the trick! As soon as he grabbed onto Ollie and rubbed Ollie’s little face into his own, he calmed right down and went down without another peep. It’s so incredibly sweet to see how happy Henry gets when he clutches his little friend and cuddles up in the crib.

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