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This summer has been a vehicle bonanza for the Micronaxx. Our garage is starting to look like a very small car lot. Henry got a little Tonka ride-on tractor for his birthday, and our nannies Coco and Tiffy bestowed a large Radio Flyer all-terrain wagon and a Harley Davidson Big Wheel on the boys as gifts. The boys absolutely love riding in the big wagon on their way to the barbershop, park, or to visit the newest neighborhood attaction, “the little crocodile in the spiky bush!” (Don’t worry, the crocodile is yard-art ┬ámade of cement.)

Finny has gotten super-excited about the Harley, and has really gotten the hang of pedaling himself around. (Steering is another story.) The Harley has lots of fun features, like ticking turn signals, a horn, and engine sounds. It also a “radio” that plays music–this might be his favorite feature, since he ceases pedaling and pauses to rock out, waggling arms akimbo and bouncing around in the seat. It’s the cutest thing ever, as I hope you’ll agree when you watch the video that accompanies the gallery of photos (HTML) of the dudes and their wheels.

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