gibberishTrue to form (and genetics), our lads coin a lot of new words and phrases while going about their daily business. Here’s a little sample of what they’re talking about these days:

Side Managers: noun. Each guy chooses a side of the shopping cart to hang off of, while (of course) reaching out and touching EVERYTHING in our path as we wind through the aisles.

Frescals: noun. Somewhat indeterminate. Applied to lots of items at the grocery store, and pronounced with super-zesty rolled R’s, while being the most interesting side managers in the world.  “Frrrrescals! You’re a frrrrescal! That’s a frrrescal!”

Scalliptions: noun. Also indeterminate. Applied to many items, people, behaviors, and actions. “These scalliptions are making me thirsty! Watch out, I’ve got a scalliption reserved for you!”

Itsy-bitsy-bitey-bo: phrase. Finny’s re-styling of some of the lyrics from Lorde’s “Royals” song. I believe the real lyrics are “it don’t run in our blood.”

Hom noms: noun. Crackers or cookies. Onomatopoetic – this is the sound a kid makes while eating delicious snack food.

Banana butts: noun. Describes the very tip at the bottom of the banana which sometimes has a grayish/black spot inside. These remain uneaten by Nacks under the age of 6.

Onesies, Flatties, Granules: nouns. Descriptive names of various small Legos. Onesies are the cubic Legos with one raised bump. Flatties are the ones with no bumps that are used to finish off a surface smoothly. Granules are the zillions of small, round Onesies that populate my carpet.

Safetying-off: verb. Erecting a barrier to prevent someone from getting too close to a dangerous area. The boys like to use yarn, traffic cones, and cardboard blocks to “safety off” suspected danger zones in the backyard, basement, or living room.

Standpoles: noun. the vertical piers that support bridges.  Mom-o, my bridge is going to collapse because I can’t find a tall enough standpole!

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