Hello, World!

Hello, everyone! Margot and I are just beyond elated that our little Finnmaster General has arrived. 🙂 We thought we’d start this little blog to chronicle some of the goings-on of the little guy and our thoughts about the whole experience. (Hey, dad’s got to have *something* to do while up at 3am, and maybe this way we’ll bore fewer of our friends with in-person stories of BMs, spit-ups, and the like. :-))
To get things started, let me point you to a few photo galleries we’ve posted:

We’ll no doubt be burning up the camera in the days, weeks, and months ahead, so we’ve set up a Photos category on this blog. You’ll be able to find the latest and greatest sets of pix by pointing your browser to
Team JMF

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I just saw the first bath photos. Baby Finn and the Notorious M.O.M. look comfortable and happy. I think Finn and Alejandro have similar birth marks on their foreheads- that are vascular and get red when they cry or poop or otherwise strain. Another reason for them to be pals.

Wow, wow, wow! what a little blessing! i am over-joyed for the new Nack family! I will be back for more photos of Finnmaster General.

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