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Finnegan Nack, modern artist

Must... resist... urge... Must *resist*... new parent stereotype... to talk about... kid's poop n' pee... but alas, I cannot.

Hot town, summer in the city
Back of Finn's neck feelin' dirty and pukey...

Well, let it never be said that our boy isn't a productive member of society--really putting the "gross" back in Gross Domestic Product. The wee man has been "sailing the seas of cheese," auditioning for a future as the mayor of the British hamlet Cheese-upon-Ear!
Finn's been putting out the business from both ends, and in volume--the Fountains of Bellagio, spraying in slow-mo, backlit by spotlights while Clair De Lune plays in the background. Or maybe we've started hallucinating. 😉
The good news is the yucksville antacid that Margot has been administering by pipette three times a day seems to be working--not suppressing spit-ups, obviously, but at least keeping Finn from hurting (and hence freaking) quite so much.
PS--Maybe we can at least make some lemonade from these lemons, getting Finn some kind of NEA grant for his performances. 😉

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