Coning With Aunt Laura

Finn’s Aunt Laura is in town for a visit, and we took some time out from domestic administration to go out for frozen yogurt. In Liggett family tradition, this is known as “coning”, which stems from our frequent childhood visits with Mom and Dad to Braum’s, the local dairy in our hometown, where we’d get ice cream cones and sit in the car and people-watch as we licked our cones. Here in San Jose, we don’t have Braum’s, but we have what we fondly refer to as “The Yogurt Hut” just down the street in our neighborhood. It’s a tiny freestanding frozen yogurt shop with plenty of outdoor seating for good people-watching.
Here are some pics from our outing. It was a particularly good day for observation! Aside from Finn being happy and cute as he chatted with his Aunt, we saw dancing boys with their aunts and grandmas, little girls playing a plastic saxophone, and even a southern California plastic surgery victim. (We selected only the cutest subject matter, ourselves :-)).

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