Carlin Family Adventures

On Tuesday we took the Finn-man on a whirlwind tour of our Chicago-based relatives (the four other “Carlin girls” and their families). We got to see a ton of happy, familiar faces, and despite having traveled for 12 hours the previous day and not having gotten to bed until after midnight, Finn was his usual charming self.
First up was Hackney’s restaurant (kind of a family institution), where we met up with Aunt Jane & Uncle John, Aunt Anne & Uncle Bill, Aunt Judy and Uncle Bruce, as well as my cousins Andrew, Amy, and Liz with their kids, and Andrew’s wife Katie. It was such a treat to see everyone, especially as Amy lives in North Carolina and just happened to be visiting. The small fry amused themselves eating fries, drinking kiddie cocktails, and bombing around the little clubhouse out back (much as their parents’/my generation did before them). Aunt Anne made Finn a wonderful Red Kitty, just like the one that was inseparable from his dad; Aunt Judy knitted beautiful hooded sweater (complete with puppy buttons!); and Aunt Jane gave Finn a sharp-lookin’ toddler outfit that he can grow into. Here’s a photo gallery (also available in smaller HTML form).
After we pitstopped at the hotel for a pretty harrowing, unsuccessful attempt at napping, we headed over to see the Nadile clan–my Aunt Mary Kay, Uncle Tedy, their kids Christine, Kelly, and Patrick, Christine’s four kids & husband Chris. We were treated to an impromptu performance from young Christopher’s band, and Finn scored a nifty, fuzzy little pirate ship (perfect for chomping). Here are the photos (HTML).

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