Tubmaster General

Wagons, Ho!
Finn is very interested in practicing his walking, and he even has a little Radio Flyer wagon to balance against while he pushes it. He’s getting so good he almost doesn’t need one of us to steady him! When he got kind of pooped out the other day, I popped him in there with his little bear (who was also sporting a blue stripy shirt much like Finn’s) and gave them a ride.
Of course the little guy works up a sweat (or at least gets his paws pretty dirty), so baths are essential. Now that Finn has migrated to the “big boy bathtub”, we have our very own “Ballintubber Abbey,” complete with stained glass window. (This of course makes a bathtime Finn our Ballintubber Abbot!).
Here are some pics from his recent adventures (HTML), both in and out of the tub.

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