Little Green Riding Hood

We’ve had a fun weekend with Mr. Finn, a.k.a. Little Green Riding Hood. He has this little outfit that’s called a “sleep’n’play”, complete with hood. I guess it’s the hood that turns it into “‘n’play” instead of just pj’s. As we were cavorting with him on Saturday (all of us in pj’s) we snapped these pics (HTML).
Finn had his first bath in the real “big boy” bathtub this weekend, too. We thought he might be freaked by the vastness of the tub, but he absolutely loved it. There was lots of splashing, squealing, and even some pseudo-backstroking.
Today I went to the spa today with my friend Mira for a few hours of soaking, scrubbing, saunaing, and relaxing. It was great, and while we were away, Finn and John went to a place called Rancho San Antonio with Mira’s husband Bruce and daughter Anja. It’s popular for parents and kiddies (we call it a stroller derby) because you can stroll in the great outdoors at a working farm and see lots of different farm animals. John says there were lots of “big turkeys” wandering around the farm, and I’m pretty sure he means actual birds, not just middle-management Silicon Valley types. Sounds like the boys had a fun time. I came back from the spa with skin almost as soft as Finny’s!

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