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Magnificent Seven

Seven months, seven teeth! The Finnster has been with us 215 days (!) and just keeps getting better and better. 🙂
Today he took me on a little walking tour of the back yard, taking his first steps on grass. Finn is way into all things stringy/fringy/frilly these days, and the grass really threw him for a loop. First he stood on his left foot, pawing the grass inquisitively with his right, after which he switched sides and pawed with the left. Once he found his footing (literally), Finn took me on a culinary tour of all the backyard plants, attempting to snack on each one we passed.
Here’s a little gallery (HTML) of the guy taken over the last few days. Seeing him nicely lit as he sat on the “Dipetorium,” I exclaimed, “Finn, dude, you’ve gotta warn me if you’re gonna be radiating that much cuteness. I’ve gotta have time to prepare!”

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First, let me say congratulations on such a cute little boy. But this message is really for Margott… if she isn’t the one reading this… please tell her Troy (from CU) says hello, and that I hope life is as happy as she looks in this picture.
Take care.

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