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Pumpkins Great & Small

We took Finn out to a local pumpkin patch this weekend, to see what he’d think of all the enormous orange gourds amidst the hay bales. Since he’d just awoken from a nap (to coordinate our outing with our neighbors Long, Suzanne, and their 8-week old daughter Madison), he was pretty spaced out most of the time.
Check out the photo gallery (HTML) and you’ll see that he certainly gave Fat Albert a run for his money. If he could speak, he would definitely have said “Hay hay hay!,” while he tried to poke handfuls of the stuff into his mouth. And having experimented unsuccessfully with eating a lone Cheerio the other day, Finn decided to cut out the middleman, eating whole grains right off the sheaf. John says our little hayseed is really going against the grain (ba-dum, tssch!).

One reply on “Pumpkins Great & Small”

Finnegan: Dude, you’re a person!
I mean, not only a baby. But also a very, very distinctive (and huge) person!
A 50-50 NackLiggetoan hybrid.
When this did happen?
I think that hairstyle looks familiar!
So, it looks like you have some gel desperately trying to get out via those hair conducts 🙂

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