I Gotta Be Me

Finn is discovering that he is a “me.” Over the past couple of weeks, in ways subtle and obvious, we’re seeing him realize that he has a self. He has gotten mad a couple times when we–or another child–have taken something out of his hands, either because it wasn’t a safe thing to chew on, or the other kid wanted her toy back. He furrows his brow and gets frustrated when he doesn’t get what he wants (“Gee, I wonder where he gets that trait?”, I asked, knowing that the answer was “from both parents!”).
He can’t talk yet, but we can tell that when he gets frustrated, he’s thinking “Hey! You’re taking that from ME! You’re walking away from ME!” We’re trying to encourage him to crawl during the few instances where he rolls onto his belly, and he just doesn’t want any part of it. “Hey! No fair! You’re not picking ME up off my stomach so I can practice walking! What gives?”
And tonight, for the first time in several weeks, he had a bedtime meltdown and got so absolutely Angry (note the capital “a”) when I would come in to check on/try to settle him but not pick him up out of the crib. I could see in his eyes he was angry, thinking “You’re leaving ME alone to cry in here! I don’t care if it’s bedtime! Don’t leave me alone!” I love the little bugger and we’ve had such uneventful, lovely bedtime experiences with Finn that we’re not used to him doing anything but rolling over and going to sleep. It killed me to see him so mad. Thank goodness he finally fell asleep…leaving us to wait for more “me” sightings tomorrow.

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